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How is the industry doing - Caspeco takes stock!

February sales

The graph above shows day-by-day sales in February 2023 compared to the same period in 2022. Worth considering when studying the graph is that Corona restrictions were released on February 7, 2022.

Food segment

Here we have chosen to take a closer look at two different segments of the industry and their respective sales compared to February 2022.

  • Restaurants +11% in February
  • Hamburgers -18% in February

The figures are based on about 700 Caspeco customers throughout Sweden with an average turnover of about 15m/year. The figures are used by, among others, the Riksbank, Konjuktursinstitutet and Visita as a measure of the state of the industry.

With Caspeco Analysis, you can take the temperature in real time and measure your business against the industry and much more.


Find the right ordering method for your guests

Let your guests order and pay completely digitally, without queues or phone calls. Offer easy access to menus, special offers and payment options. Smart, simple and of course seamlessly integrated with our POS system. Find the right solution for your business👇

Web order
Let your guests order directly from your website. Without any phone calls or queuing. We follow your graphic profile and ensure that all images are of a high standard.

You can change opening hours, waiting times, delivery charges and much more in no time.

We help you create a user-friendly app designed for your business. Let potential customers scroll through your menu to find their favorite.

Use QR codes to maximize your sales. Using the code, you can drive your guests to your website or app. Link table numbers or seats to make serving easier. Offer table service, take-away or let the guest pick up the order themselves.

Delivery services
Get automatic integration with delivery platforms such as Foodora, Wolt, Uber Eats and others. The orders end up directly in the checkout and you don't have to manage separate iPads and printers in the kitchen.

Express checkout
Use an express checkout from Caspeco to catch your guests on the go. Place near the operation or where your guests are. Of course, it is built to suit your graphic profile and wishes.

At Caspeco, over the years we have accumulated a lot of knowledge about our customers and what has worked best for them. This makes us something of an expert. Do you want tips on how to make full use of QR, or are you wondering whether your business should have an App or Web order - or both?

Book a consultation or demo and we will help you along the way.

Caspeco POS

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Photo: Per Erik Perglund

Caspeco becomes new partner to the Swedish National Culinary Teams

Caspeco, the Swedish National Culinary Team and the National Junior Culinary Team are starting a long-term collaboration. The collaboration includes a system support that will help the preparation for the upcoming Olympic championships in 2024.

It is now clear that we will strengthen the Swedish National Culinary Teams in their journey towards the 2024 Olympics. Our table booking system makes it possible for sponsors to both book and pay for their seats for upcoming events.

- With Caspeco, we can maintain the level of quality we are used to, even outside the kitchen. We see that the collaboration will help us with important parts of our preparation and reflection. Areas that are essential for us to refine our performance over time," says Jens Ericsson, General Manager of the Swedish National Culinary Teams.

We thank Jens for his kind words and take the opportunity to let our CEO Krister say a few words about the cooperation.

- We are extremely happy and proud to follow our Swedish chef elite on their exciting journey. For us who work so closely with our Swedish restaurateurs and restaurants, it is hard to imagine a more prestigious assignment. We humbly thank them for their trust and hope to strengthen them on their journey," says Krister Fingal, CEO of Caspeco.

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Greetings from the support team👋

Here is a news item for those who want to stay updated on changes in our system status.

Via our new system status page, you can see the current status of all systems in real time and 90 days backwards. Keep track of any disruptions, maintenance or updates.

For you as a customer, this means additional insight. You can easily determine if a disruption is local or if it is with us. If it's with us, it's already being processed by our team; if it's with you, it may be a good idea to try to find a solution. Feel free to call our support and we will help you.

Want to receive system status updates by email? Enter your email on the system status page and you will automatically receive an update in your mailbox when something happens to our systems.

With kind regards,

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