Swedish national chefs' teams

One year to go until the Olympics - the Swedish National Culinary Teams are gearing up with a new partner!

Patrik Pettersson

Caspeco, The Swedish National Culinary Team and the Junior National Culinary Team enter into a long-term collaboration. The collaboration includes a system support that will help the preparation for the upcoming Olympic championships in 2024.

It is now clear that the restaurant expert Caspeco, together with its partner Loopon, will strengthen the Swedish National Culinary Teams in their journey towards the 2024 Olympics. Caspeco's table booking system makes it possible for sponsors to both book and pay for their seats for upcoming events, while Loopon's modern QR service facilitates all on-site assessment.

  - With Caspeco, we can maintain the level of quality we are used to, even outside the kitchen. We see that the collaboration will help us with important parts of our preparation and reflection. Areas that are essential for us to be able to refine our performance over time," says Jens Ericsson, General Manager of the Swedish National Culinary Teams.

Ambitions are high

The last time the Swedish national chef teams participated in the Olympics was in Stuttgart in 2020, when they won both gold and silver. An achievement that testifies to the quality of the Swedish national team squads, but also to the expectations for future results.

- Obviously, the ambition is to compete for the nobler denominations, which would be strange given how highly I regard our chefs. Beyond individual ability, we have an incredibly cohesive group that only gets better over time. Add to that our awesome partners and the expectations can only be high," says Jens Ericsson.

Before the Olympics in February next year, 13 competitions await the Swedish national chef teams. A packed schedule that gives those interested in the industry a lot to look forward to, says Caspeco.

- We are extremely happy and proud to follow our Swedish chef elite on their exciting journey. For us who work so closely with our Swedish restaurateurs and restaurants, it is hard to imagine a more prestigious assignment. We humbly thank them for their trust and hope to strengthen them on their journey," says Krister Fingal, CEO of Caspeco.