Wayne's Coffee

Waynes Coffee chooses Caspeco as new system supplier!


Caspeco secures Wayne's operating system after Leery's sudden bankruptcy. This is now clear after negotiations in which Caspeco will be the new system supplier to Wayne's 72 units in Sweden for several years to come. Both parties are positive about the future.

"We are very happy about the new cooperation with Caspeco. After an uncertain time, we can now breathe a sigh of relief and build on our guest experience," says Wayne's CEO Fredrik Holmstedt.

When POS system provider Leeroy Group AB filed for bankruptcy at the end of 2022, the future was uncertain for many of their customers, such as Waynes who use the POS system on their 72 units around Sweden.

Sudden bankruptcies like this one highlight the central role of systems in the industry. Many businesses are completely dependent on their systems operation to even open for business. This in turn places high demands on the choice of system provider.

"It's obviously sad when a supplier goes out of business, but now we see the opportunity to renew and improve the way we use our systems. The agreement with Caspeco enables new ways forward to develop the business for the benefit of owners, customers and not least our hundreds of franchisees and employees," says Wayne's CEO Fredrik Holmstedt.

In addition to POS systems, the agreement also includes booking systems, staff management systems and analytical systems - a system solution known as Caspeco 360, which offers a breadth that Waynes sees great potential in. Good news for Caspeco and Waynes, both of which are coming out stronger.

"Naturally, we are both proud and happy to be working with one of Sweden's largest and best café chains. Solving challenges together with Waynes is in line with our motto "By restaurateurs, for restaurateurs", says Caspeco's CEO Krister Fingal.