POS system

A modern checkout system built for future customer behavior. Online order, express checkout, integrated with delivery services and much more.

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Restaurateurs receive payment to the POS system. Using a payment station.


Caspeco POS is cloud-based and reliable.


Simple, accessible hardware and familiar user interfaces.


Add POS or terminals as needed.


Manage Foodora, Wolt, Uber Eats and more directly at checkout.

Up and running in no time

Our POS system is based on Apple's hardware and software - iOS and iPads - making it intuitive and easy to use from the very first moment. Of course, we'll still come out to you and install and train. 

POS in tablet
Multiple POS systems in tablets

A system that grows with the business.

Add Mobile Order when you need it, get digital bong screens or add checkout points during high season – or add more card terminals to a popular bar. Caspeco POS is built to suit your needs for the unique moment.

Malin Söderstrom
Caspeco is one of the reasons why we can run a restaurant with good margins.
Malin Söderström @ Moderna Museet

Future-proof the POS already.

Caspeco POS has seamless integration with major delivery services such as Foodora, Uber Eats and Wolt. All orders are visible directly in your POS and all menus are updated from Caspeco. No more dealing with multiple printers and tablets - and having to manually enter order after order into your checkout.

Wolt logoUber Eat logoFoodora logo
Seamless integration with all delivery services. Bid from Wolt who hands over box with order.

Basic functionality


Caspeco POS is a cloud-based checkout filled with smart solutions and integrations with other important systems.

Checkout in the cloud

Caspeco POS is cloud-based, thus scalable, flexible and reliable. With a centralized operation, your hardware costs are reduced and all your data, menus, notes and receipts are centrally stored from the first second and can be accessed wherever you are at the moment. You also don't have to worry about whether your servers are in good shape, have power, a network and aren't too dusty, that's already taken care of.

Digital solutions

Produce reports on any platform, build seamless integrations with hotel systems, billing and accounting, create kitchen bins (KDS) and offer customers receipts via Kivra. Caspeco POS offers the most in terms of modern functionality.

Integration with booking and analysis

For those of you who also use Booking from Caspeco, there is an automatic transfer from the booking system to the checkout – including any menu selections and prepayments. No more handwritten notes or misunderstandings, and info goes on to Analysis.

Table maps and other smart features

Table chart management, bill-sharing and partial payment features, and Integrated card terminals with pay-at-table functionality – our POS system is packed with small but important features that save time and energy.


Express POS, Mobile Order and Delivery


A future-proof POS solution with full functionality for tomorrow's consumer behaviors.

Flexible and intuitive

The Express checkout from Caspeco is built on an iOS interface so that both customers and staff intuitively understand the system. And off course it is built to adapt to your graphic profile.

Digital bongs and upselling

Express checkout delivers digital bongs/receipts both for the kitchen and the guest. It also has smart functions for additional sales built into the system.

Mobile Order

Our mobile order solution can be delivered via our own app or integrated into your website. We embed it and design it according to your graphic profile.

Delivery services

You also get an automatic integration with delivery platforms like Foodora, Wolt, Uber Eats and more. Orders end up directly at checkout and you don't have to deal with separate iPads and printers in the kitchen. You can also create your own take-away platform.

Marketing and analysis


Solutions for analyzing the buying behaviors of your customers, and communicating with them based on their preferences.

Gift cards and promotions

In Caspeco POS, you can manage virtual gift cards directly in the POS system, and offer customized campaigns and discounts to specific customer groups. Read more about Caspeco Loyalty.

Analyzing buying behaviors

By linking to Caspeco Booking, you can also analyze buying behaviors based on the booking information. And in addition, target guests with special offers based on their preferences – like what they usually buy when they visit you.


How much does Caspeco's different systems cost?

The price of Caspeco's different systems is adapted to your business, so that everyone can use professional systems, independent of size. Then, of course, you get a better deal if you choose to use several of Caspeco's systems.

How do I access Back Office?

You can access the checkout's Back Office via the browser from both mobile, computer and iPad.

Is it possible to connect multiple card terminals to the same POS?

Yes, you can connect any number of card terminals to the same POS.

Is it possible to charge and print the bill in the card terminal?

Yes, Verifone has wireless card terminals that you can bring to the table/guest to print the bill, charge and get the receipt printed.

Can I add an extra POS during high season?

Yes, it's easy to add multiple checkout points that are charged to seasonality.

Are daily sales reports sent to accounting systems?

Yes, the POS can automatically send daily reports that are loaded into your accounting system.

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POS system 

Caspeco's POS system offers customisable features that facilitate businesses of all sizes and in all industries. For contemporary and future customer behaviour. 

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Our POS system 

The society of the 2020s is evolving at a faster pace than any previous society. These developments are putting pressure on businesses in all areas. It is increasingly important for all businesses to be able to change as customer behaviours and expectations shift. The POS system we have developed is a tool for just that. It allows businesses, organisations and associations to change with the environment.  

Sound good? Read on to find out more about our POS system! 


Secure bongs

The right bong, the right size and sorted to the right station. This is something that all restaurants using our POS system can count on at all times. By ensuring the right bong is in the right place, the system can make life a lot easier for the restaurant, the waiters and the guests. The same security applies whether the bong is done at the POS, at the table, via QR code, express checkout or via a delivery service such as Foodora, Wolt or Uber Eats.


Intuitive and flexible 

A POS system should be easy to use. After all, this is one of the most important and basic elements. Therefore, when developing our POS system, we have always aimed for maximum usability. The interface is a key component in achieving this. Caspeco's POS system is based on hardware and software from Apple (iOS and iPads). This user interface is one of the most intuitive in the world which contributes to a good customer experience. In addition, the interface is familiar to a large proportion of the guests/customers who will use the POS system. 


Apart from the maximised usability, we also want to make a point about the flexibility of the system. It is easy to adapt the cloud-based POS system to changes in your business. Checkout points as well as terminals can be easily added or removed as needed. What's more, our team is always close at hand for support.  


One POS system for all businesses  

The adaptability of the POS system allows it to be easily used by and integrated into businesses in different industries and of varying sizes. With each passing year, more and more people are turning to us at Caspeco for our systems, which are currently used by as many as 2,500 companies across the Nordic region. A large part of our customer base is restaurants, but we also work with many other types of businesses. Thanks to the many different functions we can offer, the system can easily be matched to varying needs. Caspeco's other systems, in addition to the POS system, can also be easily integrated. All our systems have the same technical structure and are backed by the same support.  


Want to know more about how our POS system can benefit your business? We offer a free demonstration of the system to any company interested. Get in touch with us today! 

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How the POS system works 

We are glad that you have found us at Caspeco. If you are considering having our POS system integrated into your business, you are probably curious about the basic functionality. You can read about this in this text. 

If you don't have answers to your questions or concerns, please contact us and we will get back to you by phone or email as soon as possible.  

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Cloud-based POS  

The future is cloud-based, and so is our POS system. The cloud allows the system to be operated centrally and this has many positive effects. All the data your business generates is safely and securely in one place. Menus, notes, records, receipts and whatever else - everything is stored instantly and can be easily accessed by the business at any time. This makes the POS system reliable, flexible and scalable. 


Seamless integration with other systems 

We mentioned earlier that our POS system can be easily integrated with our other systems. As this is important, we are happy to mention it again. Many of the companies and organisations that choose Caspeco also have other systems that we have developed implemented. 



Hotels, restaurants, activity centres and other types of businesses can benefit greatly from our booking system. As with our POS system, the booking system can be easily adapted to each customer's unique circumstances and needs. 



How well do you control your business? When you choose Caspeco's analysis tools, you can get a good overview of all aspects of your business. The tools help you gain new insights into costs, revenues, salaries, purchases and margins. It works very efficiently to integrate with the POS system. 


Stock and inventory 

Keeping a good eye on the stock balance is an important element in many businesses, not least restaurants. The businesses that choose Caspeco's POS system can use the function that generates just that. The system can also be easily integrated with the external inventory system that we have developed. 


Smart features 

We've mentioned before that our POS system can be easily adapted to businesses of many different types and sizes. This is thanks to the system's many smart features. Besides the obvious - that the POS system offers a convenient way for customers and guests to make payments - the company that chooses Caspeco POS can use a wide range of features that benefit the business. Table maps, bill management, partial payments and integrated card terminals are just some of these. The POS system, and its various functions, are designed to save the company time and allow it to focus on other areas of the business. We do the POS! 

Want to know more about the features of the POS system and how they can benefit your business? Book a free demo or request to be contacted by us today! 

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Prepared for the new era of consumer behaviour 

Caspeco's POS system is designed to evolve. We know that purchasing behaviour and conditions are constantly changing, and that's why we have built a system that can be adapted to the current and future conditions. 


Express checkout 

Our express checkout delivers digital bongs/receipts to both kitchen and customer. In addition, the intuitive iOS interface makes it easy to offer additional sales in the system in a very seamless way. The map in the POS system is of course adapted to each customer's graphic profile. 


Mobile Order  

Even our Mobile Order feature is designed and adapted to match the specific customer's colours and graphic shapes. Depending on what suits the customer, this feature can either be delivered via a separate app or integrated into the website. 


Integration with delivery services 

Delivery services are some of the fastest growing in the market today. Our POS system automatically integrates the largest and most popular delivery platforms. For example: Foodora, Uber Eats and Wolt. This feature of the POS system benefits the restaurant staff, the delivery person and the end customer who will enjoy the food. 

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POS systems and customer analysis 

We've been over this before, but we're happy to mention it again. Knowing your customers' behaviour is always a great idea for any business. The more data that is available, the more comprehensive the picture becomes. The picture that allows the company or organisation to make decisions and act in the way that benefits the business and the customer the most. The companies that choose Caspeco can do just that. Our POS system can be integrated with a comprehensive analysis tool that is part of our Caspeco Booking system. With this add-on, you can gain great insight into the consumer behaviour of your customers. What choices do they make and what choices don't they make, and why? What should or could be changed to meet the needs of all my customers? Because our POS system is customizable, we can easily adjust what should be adjusted based on what the analysis tells us.  


Learn more about the POS of the future 

Caspeco POS is a POS system that is adapted for both the present and the future. If you are interested in learning more about how our system can benefit you and your business - don't hesitate to get in touch, and please do so today! Everyone who contacts us is offered a free demonstration and no-obligation meeting, where we will thoroughly review the benefits and features of the POS system. 

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